UK Experience

UK Experience / London, UK / 2016 - 2019

Maryland House: Front facade in relation with next door buildings

UK Experience
My experience in the UK spans from small scale private residential projects to bigger development schemes (over 200 apartments), including also mix-use projects and listed buildings. Showcased here are only a small selection of them. You can see two infill housing projects in the complex and dense urban fabric of East London and the restoration and extension of a listed industrial building. This last project hosts a mix-use program including commercial, artist studios and the redesign of the surrounding public space.

Maryland House: Living area & patio (left) and workshop/office with terrace (right)

Maryland House: Section and floor plans

HW Building: Front facade facing the Hackney Wick station. The proposal includes a roof extension and ground floor commercial units, including landscaping for the LLDC masterplan

HW Building: Courtyard part of Queen’s Yard, including a potential access to the new The Yard Theater

HW Building: Interior of one artist studio con the proposed roof extension

HW Building: Ground floor plan including landscaping for the the LLDC masterplan (facing the station) and the courtyard as part of The Queen’s Yard

HW Building: Floor plan for proposed roof extension including four new artist studios.

HW Building: West elevation

HW Building: South elevation

Aintree Bungalows: Communal garden and main entrance for both units through a shared patio

Aintree Bungalows: Interior view of the living area, overlooking kitchen and dining space

Aintree Bungalows: Ground floor plan and landscaping for the communal garde

Aintree Bungalows: Floor plans and sections of the units.