Materials' Lab

Academic Project / Madrid, Spain / ETSAM, 2014 - 2015

Lab #1: Carton & Elmer’s glue paste prototypes: (top) to study its resistance and (bottom) a design for window shutters.

Lab #1: Carton & Elmer’s glue paste
In this laboratory my group and myself experimented to develop a paste with reclaimed carton and Elmer’s glue as its basis. For this we would shred old carton and soak it in water for several days before proceeding to prepare the paste. Soaked carton, Elmer’s glue and water in different proportions would then be blended. For the final prototypes we also added natural dyes as to create more architectonical materials. For more information, please check the booklet at the end of the page.

Lab #2: Form finding and Dialectic form
This laboratory aims to analyze the way certain materials shape themselves subjected to gravity ir order to design efficient structures. We experimented with both massive materials and modular ones. When experimenting with massive materials, such as plaster, there would be a tissue that would impose their own condition. When experimenting with modular pieces, such as clips, the joints would be affixed to hold its shape.

Lab #2: Form finding and Dialectic form. (top) Massive materials working with different tissues. (bottom) Modular elements affixed.