Insular Territorial Management Plan

Academic Project / Minorca, Balearic Islands / ETSAM, 2013 [Colab.: Angélica Fernández, Anissa Mrani Alaoui & Lucía Sánchez]

East side of Minorca Island: (left image) Areas of special interest

Minorca has suffered numerous invasions throughout its history, leaving traces in its culture, language and architecture that make the island unique. Its Mediterranean climate, its landscape and its geographical conditions have produced a tourism boom within the last fifty years, which has replaced traditional economic activities.
The present study proposes a territorial restructuring that tries to recover the traditions recently lost and to preserve its landscape and culture. Productive economic activity will be regenerated in traditional sectors such as agriculture, livestock and fishing, with tourism not being the predominant source of income on the island any longer.
It focuses on two main lines of development:
1.TCI: Territory of Cultural Interest
2.TNI: Territory of Natural Interest

East side of Minorca Island: (left image) Areas with risk of soil erosion

Zoom 1: North-East side of the Island.

Zoom 2: South side of the Island.