Gliding Apartment

Competition / / 2014 [Colab.: Claudia Conde & Alicia Calvache]

The premise of the competition was exclusively to choose the client for whom we would like to design a house. We chose Jules Verne for his forward looking mind, his love for technology and for travelling.
Consequently, this house is constituted by several hot-air-balloons, each defining a habitable unit. They’re all equipped with generous storage spaces and devices which generate electricity by using solar and wind power.
The balloons connect with each other by diaphragm tunnels, inspired by Verne’s story “An Express of the Future”. The mechanism by which these balloons get closer or separate is a pulley system.
The natural state of the house would be floating in the air, but of course it also gives the possibility to drop an anchor on earth or on the sea whenever it is so desired.