Sushi Fish Farm

Academic Project / Cadiz, Spain / ETSAM, 2012 [Colab.: Claudia Conde & Carlos Monedero]

Tension Leg Platform (TLP): inspiration, prototype, data based studies, application to certain programmes and growing pattern.

The “Tension Leg Platform” (TLP) system is a system of growth and colonization through the use of platforms in maritime and oceanic landscapes. It is inspired on water lilies’ “structure”. It is also a growing modular system that connects physically and technically.
In this particular case, the TLP is applied to a Sushi Farm in the open sea: the platforms above the structure are designed to incorporate permanent fishing nets in between them. It would also include some closed pavilions covered by photovoltaic technical textile. This textile captures solar energy at the same time as transmitting light to the interior.

TLP construction elements and their relations.

TLP construction detailing: anchoring, metal structure, joints, facilities, architectural finishings,

Case Study: Sushi Farm