Music School in Lisbon

Academic Project / Lisbon: Santa Catarina District / ETSAM, 2013

Cartography: Analysis of the area

This music school is located beneath Santa Catarina’s viewpoint and next to the National Conservatory of Lisbon. For this reason, it is not a conventional music school for the elite. Instead, it aims to be inclusive of both to the city and to those alternative musicians that nowadays define most of the musical scenario.
It is built partly underground, but with an important façade to the street below. This façade, which defines the architecture considerably, is constituted of a double layer with different materials and scales: a scale that reflects the city (1,60x0,90m) and a scale that reflects humans (0,40x0,30m). The juxtaposition of these creating an interesting pattern which helps understand the building and its activities.

“Forget about expensive sound studios, rooms for rehearsal and vans loaded up with the instruments of the shift band. Everything is very light and solitary. Most music now comes from the intimacy of the bedroom of thousands of producers who have never seen a traditional instrument in their lives, but who form a hyper-fragmented scene impossible to summarize with the four topics of rock and roll”.[EL PAIS. Cultura. 6/05/2013]

Renovated Santa Caterina’s Viewpoint: public space. Organization of the slopes in order to evacuate the water + materials which would define each area.

Floor plan (-9,24m): music studios + air conditioning control system specially designed for independent sound rooms.

Axonometric view of the structure: (left and centre) schematic components of the global building

Façade: (top left) outer slabs facing the city (1,60x0,90m)

Facilities: air conditioning control system + water and sanitation distribution plans.