Nursery for Convict's Children

Academic Project / Longyearbyen: Norwegian Fjords / ETSAM, 2012

Floor plan showing the movement and changes along the day of furniture and textile divisions. Orchid greenhouse at the perimeter and orchid genus displayed at the top.

Convicts’ are people deplored by society, but their children do not need to pay for their mistakes. This nursery+orchid greenhouse is the place where they will be educated, isolated from the world. The greenhouse helps self-finance the nursery and also teaches children the importance of care and persistence. The location is characteristic for its extreme winter temperatures, so the greenhouse would also create a climate buffer.
One more programme is included as to give usage to the building extensively: a night-time auction house where those exquisite orchids would be sold to the highest bidder.

Interior: on the left, one of the three large light shafts with metal structure in its perimeter

Interior and exterior views: from the interior, a transparent and open space

Diagram of public and private space.

Diagram of activities intensity along the day for all the people using this space: staff and children.