Reprogramming and Rehabilitating Heritage

Academic Project / Madrid: Rufino Blanco School / ETSAM, 2013

Floor plan and elevation of half of the buildings complex:relation to the neighbor buildings, new interior alleyway and building extensions.

Rufino Blanco school is a complex ensemble which includes, previous to the intervention, a primary school and a university faculty. Its surroundings are also diverse, as it is located in the centre but also a residential neighbourhood in Madrid. It holds a significant patrimonial value, although its state is quite deteriorated and it is crowded with informal layers of constructions trying to gain some space which it lacks.
Therefore, our intervention starts by cleaning the complex and regaining its heritage values. It also adds one extra activity: a day centre for the elderly. To summarize, the project juggles with programmes, fluxes, privacy vs. publicness and alternative models of education that favours contact between children with the city and the community.

Axonometric drawing regarding the relation between the existing heritage buildings and the new additions.

Detail floor plans and elevations of the materials used to define the architectural spaces. Top: interior intervention respecting the limits with the existing heritage building by using wooden strips forming a lattice and moving panels. Bottom: exterior extension and new façade to the alleyway.

Construction details of the materials used and facilities incorporated to update the old building.