Centre for Contemporary Creation

Master Thesis, Final Project / Lisbon: Baixa District / ETSAM, 2015

Location plan: conceptual and architectural ruins.

The Centre for Contemporary Creation aims to reinstall the character of Baixa District while attracting its people back, who had deserted as a result of the destruction of badly managed tourism.
The intervention focusses on the interior of the abandoned buildings of a certain street (Rua Santa Justa), and also on the street itself bringing the attention back to public space. It is developed in several stages by applying a system of specifically designed furniture to define its function and textiles to define its space.
An exception would be the main centre building, which is in the worst state and has different characteristics due to its history

Programme + Design: stages of development and exceptions.

Programme + Design (Zoom): St. Santa Justa

General intervention catalog: specially designed modular furniture and how to apply it.

General intervention: parts that are part of the design applied to a particular building of the street.

Public space: Items that define a more active and fluctuating public space (lighting + urban furniture on the street

Floor plans of the hub building formed by a metal structure in the perimeter a plastic capsules floating in the centre and hosting diverse activities.

Floor plans of the hub building: Rooftop garden and best adapted to the environment species.

Section plan: Construction details regarding the metal and plastic systems that form the interior space of the building.

Interior volumes axonometric regarding the relation between the existing heritage building and the new elements.

Interior climate control facilities: air conditioning system + radiant floor panels, both with geothermal energy support.

Metal structure: configuration, solutions and measuring.

Interior: space and textures.

Baixa is ready to party from Mónica García Koewandhono on Vimeo.