Cindy & Ian's Beach Terrace

Built project / Costa del Sol, Spain 2016 / Freelance

Cindy and Ian are a modern and interesting couple living a very exciting live in London. Nevertheless, they were also longing for some relaxing time under the sun, surrounded by tranquil views. Their luck brought them to this apartment which had everything they desired, yet it needed some design update to do justice to the surroundings and match their modern taste. We decided to change the tiling to an abstract, random pattern of rhombus with neutral colours on the floor and bluish hue for the walls. Design also met pragmatism by creating a built-in storage bench and a wooden bar facing the sunset: the most cherished moment of the day on the Southern Coast of Spain.

Client: Cindy & Ian Vollrath
Budget: 5.000€
Area: 12,45 m²
Manufacturers: Equipe, Racero Carpenters, J.L&M upholsterers.
Photographs: Dani Márquez