Arlina's Kitchen

Built project / Costa del Sol, Spain 2016 / Freelance

Arlina’s apartment has an extraordinary layout and superb Mediterranean aesthetic, nevertheless her kitchen had stayed back in time and design. We decided not only to renew the furniture, but also to make some changes in the distribution so that it became more practical and enjoyable.
The furniture, made of raw wood, combined with a clean and minimal black marble countertop, gives the kitchen a good balance both in textures and colours. On the other hand, the white chevron tile pattern protects the walls and gives it a more dynamic feel, yet it is a neutral addition to the design.

Client: Arlina Wilson
Budget: 7.000€
Area: 3,78 m²
Manufacturers: Equipe, IKEA kitchens, Grohe, IKEA kitchens, Cosentino Silestone.