Arlina's Bathroom

Built project / Costa del Sol, Spain 2016 / Freelance

Arlina’s apartment has an extraordinary layout and superb Mediterranean aesthetic, but her bathroom had stayed behind with a 90s design and trapped in the dark. By throwing down a simple wall that connected to a built-in cupboard which divided the next door bedroom and the bathroom, we gained just a little bit of physical space that seemed much more due to the vast amount of light that now fills the room. On the other hand, changing the bathtub for an ample built-in shower and adding a broad sideboard, also contributed to a much cleaner and practical space.

Client: Arlina Wilson
Budget: 9.000€
Area: 5,32 m²
Manufacturers: Alea Experience, Equipe, Picapino Carpenters, Grohe, Tres griferia, Doctor House, Aluminios Cuesta, Mibaño.
Photographs: Dani Márquez